OBX 31 Center Console - Best Boat Florida Sportsman

August 1, 2023

OBX 31 Center Console - Best Boat Florida Sportsman

We had the pleasure of having our OBX 31 Center Console Sportsfishing Boat recognized on by Florida Sportsmans' Best Boat review. Florida Sportsman Magazine is the source for the best where-to and how-to fishing information in the state. Published continuously since 1969, each issue showcases the insights and guidance of leading experts, packaged with the work of award-winning journalists, photographers and designers. Written in an entertaining, relaxed style, Florida Sportsman feature articles and editorials reveal new ways of thinking about techniques, boats, gear and hot locales to fish.

Full Review of the OBX 31CC

The Outer Banks craftsmen of North Carolina have made one of the biggest marks on the world of sport fishing boat design through the classic styling made famous by so many back yard built charter boats.

Florida Sportsman Editor had the opportunity to write a detailed article on the OBX 32CC which gave credibility to our craftsmanship of our boats. Below are some highlights to the original aricle which you can view here.

Going further into the future, the OBX 31 is constructed of infused carbon fiber Kevlar materials resulting in a lighter, stronger, and faster hull. She features classic styling in a modern package which proved on our test days to be very nimble and responsive both underway and in tight quarters. She was also exceptionally fast with twin 300-HP Yamaha four strokes and delivered the sea keeping ability you’d expect from the proven Carolina design.

Read Full Article by Florida Sportsman Here.

OBX 32CC Specifications:

Length: 31 feet 5 inches

Length including engines: 34 feet 1 inch

Beam: 10 feet

Draft: 24 inches

Dry weight (w/power): 7000 pounds

Power: 2-300HP

Retail: $324,604

... The generous sized inner console with over 6-feet of headroom features a marine head, electronics access, built in storage, and is trimmed out very stylishly with the craftsmanship associated with the furniture builders in High Point, NC where the OBX shop is located. This boat proved to be a very sea worthy, fish friendly, and attractive ride that turned lots of heads at the marina and on the water.

Read Full Article by Florida Sportsman Here.

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